Making location scouting easy by bringing creatives and
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Our Story

Hi! We’re Guia Mondello and Paris Davis – co-founders of Homemade Studio.

As creative professionals ourselves, we understand how painful location scouting can be and the effort it takes to create the perfect set from scratch. Relying on personal networks, using expensive location scouts and spending hours searching the internet, social media or other booking sites that aren’t specialised for productions is impractical, especially when every precious minute counts.

Our journey began when we were in search of a location to showcase and shoot a collection of products. After much research and little success in finding a truly authentic space, we concluded that the best alternative would be to use a friend’s stylish home as a ‘ready-made’ set. At this point, we could not help but wonder: with so many beautifully designed local homes and private spaces, wouldn’t it be helpful to have an online marketplace that allows creatives to directly connect with owners wanting to rent their spaces for productions?


Whether you’re looking for a set for your product shoot, music video, film or other, we will grant you access to a range of unique lifestyle locations that are usually hidden or inaccessible. Directly contact owners to check their availability and book securely through the platform, without the hassle of individual contracts or hidden fees.

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Space Owners

Showcase and share your space in a new stylish way. Take pride in seeing it featured in brand campaigns, magazines or movies and earn an additional income. Communicate with potential bookers, welcome them in on the day of the shoot and enjoy the hosting experience while we handle all administrative details such as payments and invoices.

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Behind the Scenes


Founder & CEO

Having lived in six countries, Paris is an international individual that loves new experiences, sharing stories and creating meaningful connections. Although equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology she has always been drawn towards working in the creative/communication industries including advertising, marketing, media, film and PR.

She’s passionately curious, intuitive and never goes a day without meditation or her British staple – a cuppa black tea (with milk of course!)


Founder & COO, CFO

A Bachelor in Economics, a Master in Business Administration and a Master in Contemporary Art. An unusual mix of analytical and creative skills. Guia worked for about five years as gallery manager and another two years as project manager in the PR sector. She has lived in seven different cities around the world and speaks 4 languages.

Although Italian, she does not cook nor eat pasta or pizza but is very fond of healthy hipster bowls!


Photographer for Professional Photo Visits in Berlin

Celeste is a photographer from Buenos Aires, based in Berlin. She has photographed interiors and architecture in Berlin, Stockholm, Norway, Brussels, Netherlands, Buenos Aires and Japan, always looking for the intimate and unexpected side of each and every space.

Outside of shooting some of our beautiful homes, you’ll find her searching for exquisite music, drinking margaritas and dancing (not necessarily in that order!)



Mengru is a freelance photographer and designer from New York, currently based in Berlin. She loves shooting in film and digital, especially portraits and interior shots. She has lived in over 12 cities around the world and loves the different perspectives that new cultures and places can bring.

When she’s not working, you can catch her dancing to italo disco on weekends!