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Professionals in the creative industry from advertising agencies, magazines, brands to bloggers are in need of authentic spaces in a range of styles for their photo, video and film shoots. Let your space have the attention it deserves and rent your beautifully styled home, earn an additional income and become part of Berlin’s creative community.

Choose how to share

It is your personal home, so you make the rules. We welcome you to set your own availability, price, outline house rules and determine the maximum number of people you will allow in your home. You will primarily receive booking requests for photo shoots and commercial videos however, you will also have the opportunity to open your home to independent and feature film requests, should you wish. Make use of your home in whatever way suits you best and manage it according to your own schedule.

How it works in 5 basic steps:

1. As a first step, please send a selection of clear photos of your space to (phone snaps are accepted)

2. We will review your application and if successful, you will be asked to complete a short form with the details for your listing (price, house rules, amenities, etc)

3. You will be asked to accept our Terms & Conditions and provide us with your details to process payments

4. Your listing will be featured on our website and you will be notified once it goes live

5. We will manage requests from creatives wanting to book your space and upon our notice, you will be asked to confirm or decline a booking request within 2 calendar days. You will be paid for every booking completed through our secure payment system, minus our 15% service fee

We are open to all types of homes

We appreciate spaces of all styles, from impressive industrial lofts to quirky apartments. We aim to be as diverse as possible so whatever your personal style, we’d love to see!

Common Questions

A Home Studio is a home and personal space rented out by the hour for photo, video and film shootings.
The number of crew members will vary depending on the photo, video or film shoot and its requirements. There could be as little as 2 members (the model and photographer for example) or as many as 20+ for a specific shoot. Please remember that you can specify the maximum number of people allowed in your Home Studio. It may be necessary for chairs to be moved, sofas placed at different angles or a full rearrangement of the room. We deeply care about our Home Studios and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable and this is why we ask you to set your own rules and restrictions. Our clients will always be respectful of your personal space and as per our terms and conditions, your home will be returned to its original state by the end of the booking.
Our clients range from creative agencies, to brands, magazines, fashion, editorial and advertorial productions in virtually every genre: fashion, music, home decor, catalogue, e-commerce, people, food and beverage etc. Each time you receive a request, you will be provided with information about the booker and how they intend to use your space.
When accepting a booking request, the Home Studio enters into a direct agreement with the Booker. As part of our terms and conditions, all bookers must have their own insurance in order to rent Home Studios through our platform. This means that in the very unlikely case that your property is damaged during a shoot, the booker will be legally liable for the damage.

Any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help!

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Common Questions