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Creative professionals, from advertising agencies, magazines, brands to film-makers are in need of authentic spaces in a range of styles for their photo, video and film shoots. Let your space have the attention it deserves and rent your home or private location by the hour, earn an additional income and become part of a vibrant creative community.

Listing your space is completely free and we welcome you to set your own availability, price, house rules and maximum number of people allowed.

Sina: Au Naturel

“It has never been easier to earn some extra money. The whole process is handled in a very professional, well-thought out and personal way. We really love being part of the Home Studio crowd!”

Claudi: Neutral Beauty

“We love our home and we love it even more when we see it featured in brand campaigns. Homemade Studio makes this experience possible and we’re very happy to have joined this creative new sharing economy.”

Jürgen: White Cube

“The production teams we have welcomed in our space so far have been extremely friendly and respectful. It has been a smooth process for all involved and we look forward to many more bookings.”

How it works

List your space

Complete the online application form and, once approved, your space will be featured on our website, ready to be booked for photo, video and film shoots.

Manage your bookings

Communicate with bookers and manage requests conveniently through your online personal dashboard. Let us take care of all administrative tasks while you respond to booking enquiries

Share your space and earn an additional income

Open up your space on the day of the shoot and see it featured in stylish campaigns. Payments will appear in your bank account within 10 days after each booking.

We appreciate spaces of all styles, from trendy lofts, family houses and everyday apartments to rooftops, cabins and more. We aim to be as diverse as possible so whatever your personal style, we’d love to see!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a Home Studio?

Complete your application directly online by filling in a short form gathering details of your space (such as availability, price, house rules… etc.) and upload 8-10 photos. If your application is successful, as a final step, you will be asked to provide additional information in order for us to process payments for bookings. Please note that for the time being we can only accept private individuals and not businesses.

Do I need to pay to list my space?

Listing a space is completely free. You can provide your own photos and become a Home Studio at no cost. Once a booking takes place, Homemade Studio will deduct a 15% service fee (VAT included) from the final payment.

How do I price my space?

We welcome you to set your own hourly price. A 10% discount will automatically be applied to all bookings of 8+ hours in order to offer a day rate. At times, bookers might ask for additional discounts to accommodate their specific budget and the decision to grant this is absolutely yours. Should you require some guidance we are always happy to help and if you do decide to offer an additional discount, please let us know and we will temporarily adjust the hourly price for you.

Please note that the listed price will be predominantly for photo, video and smaller film shoots but should you receive a request for a larger feature film or TV production, we can help you set a higher price as usually this entails a larger crew size and may require more changes within your home.

Will I know who will be using my space?

The bookers will range from creative agencies, to brands, magazines, fashion, films, editorial and advertorial productions in virtually every genre: fashion, music, home decor, catalogue, e-commerce, people, food and beverage etc. Each time you receive a request, you will be provided with information about the booker and how they intend to use your space.

How does the booking process work?

Bookers will usually send you an initial direct message via the website to check your availability and discuss details of the shoot. You will receive an email notification of all incoming messages and we strongly encourage you to reply within 24 hours. Once agreed the client will submit a booking request outlining the shooting date and times, crew size and shooting purpose. You will be notified via email and asked to accept, decline or message the booker directly via your personal dashboard. Unless there are major impediments, we ask our Home Studios to try to accept most incoming requests. Confirmation details will then be shared via email and can also be viewed in your ‘My Home Studio’ dashboard.

What can I expect to happen during a shoot?

The shooting date and time, purpose and number of crew members will always be specified in the booking request to ensure you know what to expect. Slight changes to the layout of the space may be carried out while more substantial changes should be communicated and agreed upon beforehand. By the end of the booking your space will be returned to its original set-up.

We deeply care about our Home Studios and this is why we ask you to set your own rules and restrictions in order to feel comfortable at all times.

What happens if my Home Studio is damaged during the shoot?

As part of our Terms and Conditions, all bookers must have their own insurance in order to rent Home Studios through our platform. This means that in the unlikely case that your property is damaged during a shoot, the booker will be legally liable for the damage. You will be required to inform us within 48 hours after the end time of the shoot so that we can promptly contact the booker.

How will I be paid and how are invoices handled?

When a booking is made through our platform, the booker is charged in full through our secure payment provider, Stripe Connect. Once the shoot has taken place, you will be paid directly into the provided account within 10 days. Homemade Studio will take care of all administrative tasks, including invoices.

Any other questions? Please check our FAQs or don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help!

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